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What Clients Are Saying

“Erica is sincerely passionate about her work. She brings years of experience and knows this area top to bottom. Her integrity and commitment is apparent. For Erica, it is all about helping the client get their needs met. As a first-time home buyer, facing the daunting task of buying a home, I contacted two other agents, neither of whom even remotely compared to Erica. One seemed disinterested, the other was, well, less than honest. I love Erica’s availability, tireless enthusiasm, and infinitely positive attitude. Forget the rest, she’s the best. Erica is one Awesome Agent!”

— Rebecca Northcutt

“We can’t recommend Erica highly enough. She goes above and beyond, is completely on top of everything and helps keep you on track as well. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her throughout what can be a stressful time, selling your house - she got it all done and made it seem effortless. She’s exactly what you want in a Realtor. All kinds of awesomeness.”

— Janice Coury & Marco Ginella